2 jul. 2013

Para las Directioners

Esto está dedicado a todas los/as directioners, espero que os guste. 
(A ver si se entiende bien)

I WANT to say you only ONE THING. I know EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU althought you STAND UP everyday without know anything about me. Now you're living the best MOMENTS of your life and I WISH you the best but I need to tell you MORE THAN THIS:
You STOLE MY HEART, with your LITTLE THINGS which are WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL. I WOULD like you provocate me a HEART ATTACK when you come back for me; I WANT to stay UP ALL NIGHT dancing Katy Perry's songs, I want KISS YOU and I want you ROCK ME, I would SAVE YOU that night (TONIGHT), cos we must LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG. Everyday, I would say you that you're eyes are IRRESISTIBLE, that all you do is MAGIC, that you CHANGE MY MIND with only a look, to me you are perfect... I say you too that I'd like to live OVER AGAIN our SAME MISTAKES, our SUMMER LOVE, our LAST FIRST KISS... I would BACK FOR YOU without think it, only if you want it, but this is imposible cos, you went out with her, with your "perfect girl"; you used to say that SHE'S NOT AFRAID and you loved her for that. You have TAKEN a TRULY, MADLY and DEEPLY relationship with her, now you're single again, but you're still fall in love with her. I understand it but I LOVED YOU FIRST, and to me you STILL THE ONE, cos NOBODY COMPARES with you and I encourage to come back with me, saying C'MON C'MON, cos you, GOTTA BE YOU, always, althought you TELL ME A LIE again. I need say the last thing, you may remember it, THEY DON'T KNOW ABOUT US darling.
However, you don't know this but if this story was real, it would be the BEST SONG EVER

Esto ha sido escrito por nuestra amiga @AndreaOteroS

Y si quereis leer una buena novela de 1D----->     Niall

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